Myth Busting about Deposits

Posted: 18th September 2020 Categories: General

Many people believe that a letting agent or landlord can keep a tenant’s deposit but it is simply a myth! The deposit is your money and your landlord should provide evidence of their costs if they decide to make deductions. In April 2007, the UK government brought in the Tenancy Deposit Scheme where landlords by law, must safely place a security (cash) deposit into an approved government scheme.

Mint Homes security deposits are held by the Deposit Protection Service (DPS), or alternatively, we also offer a Deposit Replacement by way of a Zero Deposit Guarantee (Disputes are passed to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) for adjudication).

At the start of the tenancy

All tenants will receive a check in inventory and since late 2018 these have also included 360º images of all the rooms. An inventory is important because it’s an account of what everything looks like when you move in and everything is detailed for all to see. You will be given the report and asked to carefully check through it during your first few days in the property. We advise that you take some time to walk through and examine the inventory and feedback any discrepancies within 7 days. Once you are completely happy we ask that you sign the inventory.

Prior to the end of your tenancy

Mint Homes send you a comprehensive and extensive check out letter detailing exactly what is required prior to a tenant vacating a property. If this is followed, to the letter, you should not find yourself in a dispute with your landlord about the condition of the property and you’re more likely to get your full deposit back.

At the end of the tenancy

Once you have moved out, a check out inventory is raised in exactly the same format and is compared against the check in inventory. General wear and tear will always be accounted for. However, if cleaning is required to bring the property back to how it was at check in, or some damage is flagged and deductions are proposed from the deposit to cover the costs, you’ll need to decide if you agree with this decision or if you want to contest it. Go through the check out inventory and respond to each claim.


You are within your rights to dispute a proposed deduction if you don't agree, and Mint Homes do advise of this within the letter we send explaining the deductions being proposed on behalf of the landlord. Both the tenant and landlord/agent will then need to submit any evidence, check in and check out inventories, photographs and receipts from any work undertaken. All the information is sent to the DPS/TDS who act as an adjudicator. They will look through everything and take both sides into account before making a final decision.


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