Who should fix it?

In general, tenants are expected to look after the property as if it were their own, so there are some things you are expected to be able to look after around your home, however we are always here to help you out if you get stuck.

Tenant Responsibilities

Light bulbs: If a light bulb goes during your tenancy (and it was working when you moved in), it is your responsibility to replace this. You can buy bulbs in DIY shops or supermarkets.

Smoke alarm batteries: It is your responsibility to replace batteries, although the landlord is responsible for any alarm faults.

Topping up your boiler or re-igniting your pilot light: Commonly boilers can stop working because there isn’t enough water pressure in your boiler or your pilot light has gone out. See our ‘how to – boilers’ guide for full details.

Programming your heating: Your heating often has a timer, whether it be on the boiler itself or a separate programmer. We can’t come out to show you how to work this, but if you email us your boiler or timer make and model number, we will email you an instruction manual if there isn't already one at your property.

Bleeding radiators: This is when you release the air from the radiator that has become trapped inside. Trapped air causes the radiators to have cold spots, reducing the efficiency of them. Watch a how-to guide here.

Gardens: It is your responsibility to keep the garden in a good state.

Post: You are responsible for forwarding on any post that is addressed to your landlord. Their address can be found on your tenancy agreement.

Condensation, mould and mildew: Condensation occurs when warm moisture laden air meets a cold surface. Typical is when steamy air from cooking, washing and drying clothes rises up to the top of the house and meets a cold surface; easily visible as water droplets on window pains and tiles, but less so when the moisture meets cold wall paper, plastered walls, carpets and clothes in wardrobes in unheated rooms. Then it is invisible, quickly absorbed into these materials and results in that cold musty smell and mould spores

You are responsible for following the “Guide to Condensation and Damp” given to you at check to help minimise this occurring as well as for wiping down any affected areas.

For more information, go to our maintenance section on the website where you will find a page about preventing mould and damp in your property.

Landlord Responsibilities

Appliances that break down: Check your inventory to establish if the appliance is maintained. If so, and you have followed the instructions under ‘tenants responsibilities’ and an appliance still isn’t working, report the fault through our website. If the appliance is not maintained, you will also need to advise this through the website so we can arrange to remove it and update the inventory.

Guttering and roof issues: Most leaks are due to heavy rainfall, however, if you discover a leak in your property, please notify us and we can arrange for a contractor to visit your house.

What You Will or May Be Charged For

Looking after your keys: If you lock yourself out, lose or damage your keys when the office is closed, you will need to Google a 24 hour Locksmith near you and make payment direct to them. However, if you don’t want to pay for the locksmith call out, you could sleep at a friend’s house until we re-open as we usually have a set of keys at the office, which you can borrow to get a new key cut at your expense.

Mis-operation of appliances: If you don’t follow the guides under ‘tenants responsibilities’ and an engineer is called out to fix something that is due to user error, you may be charged a call out fee. If you do not have a manual at the property, please email us with the make and model numbers and we will do our best to find and email an instruction manual first to avoid this.

Important Information about Reporting Maintenance

If you live in a property that is managed by Mint Homes, you can report the maintenance issue online via our website 24 hours a day. The response time will depend on the issue.

Some issues will be your responsibility, others will be handled by Mint Homes or your landlord. Please refer to our website to check who has responsibility for maintenance areas.

To try to resolve the problem first, go to our maintenance section on the website where you will find some simple How-to guides about boiler issues, washing machines and fridges/freezers. There is also a page about preventing mould and damp in your property.

Need to report an issue?

If you have a maintenance issue that you need to report, please use our reporting system:

Report An Issue

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