Boiler & Heating System

Boiler trouble shooting

Using this guide, you will be able to sort some really simple issues that sometimes stop boilers from working.

If you discover problems with the heating or hot water at your property, these easy checks should help you sort the problem quickly. It is also worth logging into our online reporting system for other handy tips and videos.

Firstly, check your boiler manual if you do not have one then please let us know or often companies will also put the manuals online too. So google your boiler's make and model.

Check there is power to the boiler

There may be a digital display or light to indicate this or you may be able to hear the boiler working. If it appears to be ‘off’ look nearby for a switch (usually built into the wall) and check that it is on. If it is on and is still not working check your electrical fuse board to make sure nothing has tripped. If you have done all the above and there is still no power to the boiler please report online.

Check boiler pressure

Somewhere on the boiler you should be able to find the pressure valve which will indicate if the boiler is fully pressurised. This should have a reading between 1 and 2 for it to operate correctly. If it has dropped below 1, it will need ‘topping up’ manually. Please click here to view a video on how to do this.

Once you have topped up the pressure, you may need to reset your boiler if it has locked out; there is usually a button you can press to do this on the panel otherwise just turn the power switch on and off.

Hot water and heating

Some boilers will have a switch/knob to choose between hot water or hot water & heating, check to see that you have selected both functions if one of the two isn’t working. The will be indicated by symbols (one of a tap, one of a radiator and then both together for both functions to be operating).

Check your thermostat

Check the thermostat is switched on and requesting heat, or the boiler will not start. The easiest way to check this is to turn it up to the maximum temperature.

If the pressure on the boiler drops on a regular basis there may be a leak on the system, please let us know if you have seen water dripping underneath the boiler or water leaking from the ends of the radiators in any of the rooms by using our online system.

In the winter months please leave the heating on low (particularly if you are away from the property) to stop the pipes freezing. Please be reminded that should pipes freeze and damage occur as a result and it is found that your heating has not been set to come on there may be a charge for the repair work, this is a contractual obligation.

We also recommend during the colder months to set a timer on the boiler for the heating to come on a couple of times during the day to keep the house at a good temperature. A lack of heating is usually a big factor in condensation/mould problems in properties.

Need to report an issue?

If you have a maintenance issue that you need to report, please use our reporting system:

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